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Destinations can all learn from each other's advocacy work, replicating successful projects in their own communities, and hedging early against issues that could surface, to ensure the growth of their travel and tourism economies.

In this section, DMAI captures these efforts in case studies and interviews. To submit your own story, contact Joy Lin at

Cabarrus County, North Carolina - Making Digital Impact on a Dime

Summary: While building a strong online presence for visitors is a goal shared by all DMOs, Cabarrus County CVB in North Carolina also believes in making a strong digital impression on its local stakeholders. The business site not only educates visitors on the bureau’s activities, but also key statistics about the impact of travel and tourism to the region — all through a clean, streamlined design. The bureau manages the website in house on a minimal budget, which allows for flexibility and control.

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Great Lakes Bay Region, Michigan - Detailing a Legislative Guide

Summary: Keeping in tune with its proactive approach in 2009 to regionalize three DMOs around the Great Lakes Bay in Michigan, the Great Lakes Bay Regional CVB later published a comprehensive guide to continue engaging its stakeholders in travel and tourism-related legislation. Sharing its expertise and experience through the Legislative Guide helped establish the CVB as a leader in advancing the legislative agenda and as a key contributor to the Region and State’s economic growth.

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San Diego, California - Weathering Through the Storm

Summary: A DMO’s budget often comes under scrutiny, but San Diego Tourism Authority found its funding suddenly held hostage during a political stand-off in 2013 with the city’s mayor. The DMO launched a multi-faceted, integrated campaign called “Why Tourism Matters” that framed the discussion, coordinated stakeholder efforts, and drove attention to the crisis. Ultimately the DMO recouped its funding to continue promoting San Diego, Califronia, and continues to advocate for travel locally today.

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Eau Claire, Wisconsin - Putting Power in the People's Pockets

Summary: Statistics is a powerful tool to build support for the travel and tourism industry, but Visit Eau Claire took it one step further by placing the power of numbers directly into the hands of its supporters. Recognizing the difficulty of committing numbers to memory, Visit Eau Claire embedded a pen with a pull-out infographic touting the positive economic impact of travel to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This empowered their coalition to speak often and more confidently on the industry’s behalf.

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Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania - Balancing Economy and Education

Summary: When the tradition to open Pennsylvania schools after Labor Day in 2013 and 2014 presented an opportunity for economic gain to the local tourism industry, the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau made sure its stakeholders recognized it. The DMO educated its communty on issues in education, society, and labor, encouraging them to speak with school districts to avoid cutting the usual summer park season short, as the parks rely on significant staffing from local youth.

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